Golfer’s Last Round

The Web site for Pine Grove Health and Country Club in Camillus says, “Come out and enjoy our beautiful 18-hole golf course.”

pinegrovegolf.jpgThat may be a little more difficult after what happened on the 12th hole yesterday. Longtime member Peter Bancheri was found dead, floating in the water hazard. A man who saw a set of clubs laying beside the pond as he drove by stopped his car, jumped in, and tried to resuscitate Bancheri, who was 65 years old, but it was too late.

Nearby, police found a stick used to retrieve golf balls. Their theory is that the victim hit one into the water, leaned over too far while reaching for it with the stick, and fell into the eight-foot-deep hazard.

People laugh about odd deaths like this- just human nature, we guess- the old “glad it wasn’t me” syndrome. The man’s family, of course, is not laughing. They might even console themselves by saying, “He died doing what he loved.” That’s a cliche also applied to people who trip and shoot themselves while hunting, or die flying homebuilt planes with some parts left out. It’s a way we have of consoling ourselves, when the bizarre ending of a life temporarily overshadows all that went before.


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