Frank Talk, Tough Ads

Earlier this week, Republican lawmakers including CNY’s Jim Walsh let President Bush know their patience with war in Iraq is running out. The president, by all accounts, had his ears burned during an hour-long session in the White House residence also attended by top national security officials.

Now, as promised, a group backed by the Democratic party is trying to wear their patience even thinner. has new stop-the-war television commercials running, and Walsh is among a dozen members of the House and Senate who are targeted. The spot below is not the one specific to him, running in Syracuse and Rochester, but it shows you what the group is saying about the war, and those in Washington who have voted continued support for it.


The group plans a three-week “flight” of commercials, featuring General Batiste and two other ex-military men who oppose the war. Retired Major General Paul Eaton appears next week, and the campaign ends with former NATO commander General Wesley Clark, who made a brief run at the presidency in 2004.


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