The Future of CNY Sports

Search “Syracuse” in Google News and you’ll come to one of two conclusions: Not much news happens in CNY, or this is a region that’s in love with sports. For today’s purposes, let’s go with the latter.

SU knows it has a treasure in its assistant men’s basketball coach, and is taking steps to secure his services far into the future.


Syracuse has prepared itself for whenever Jim Boeheim decides to retire.

The school has picked assistant Mike Hopkins to succeed Boeheim as head coach, ESPN reported Tuesday. There is no timetable for Hopkins to take over, but the school has reached an agreement to put the succession plan in writing, according to the report. An announcement could come in the next several weeks.

Boeheim, 62, has no plans to retire, according to the report, but wanted a say in who would replace him once he does.


If you’ve ever had your eye on a higher-level job and were hopeful of getting it, but never had a firm promise of that promotion, you know how Hopkins must have felt. He’s had opportunities to be a head coach elsewhere, but apparently much prefers to succeed Boeheim when the pride of Lyons, New York finally steps aside. The SU athletic department has been criticized in the past for some questionable decisions, but giving Mike Hopkins the assurances he needs to stay with the Orange is surely not one of them.

Now, when it comes to minor league baseball in Syracuse, everybody has to share the blame: Government, for building the successor to MacArthur Stadium in a no-man’s-land, the Syracuse Chiefs management for running a cut-rate operation, and the fans for not loudly demanding better. Now, there’s talk of a refurb for the team’s home, and Post Standard sports pundit Bud Poliqiun is jumping right in with his suggestions for a makeover of the Chiefs and their ballpark:

alliancebankstadium.gifThe subject is Alliance Bank Stadium, which has forever been a gorgeous-looking edifice when viewed from the outside, especially on a starry summer night. But once inside, the place takes one’s breath away only in the way a cathedral might if linoleum had been stretched along the aisles.

Bud Poliquin, Post Standard

The link above takes you to Bud’s ten recommendations for improving the stadium- his first is to tear up the artificial turf and plant some grass. Syracuse has a history of not making the most of its assets. Baseball may not be community attraction number one, but if the city’s going to have a baseball team, it might was well be one that will attract fans and show them a good time. They might even tell them friends about it, and fill some of those seats.


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