“Mr. Cool”: Cool As In Dead

mrcooltoothpaste.jpgThe Chinese government badly needs to get the outlaws of business in that country under control. The latest deadly hazard they’ve exported to an unsuspecting world is a toothpaste additive made from anti-freeze.

It’s turned up in “Mr. Cool” toothpaste in Panama. The same substance was mixed into cold medicine in that country not long ago, and it killed some people. It’s diethylene glycol, substituted for harmless glycerine by greedy criminals in China. Any danger here in the U.S.? The FDA doesn’t think so, but is looking into the latest case in Panama.

The New York Times has its teeth in this story, as a followup to the poisoned pet food scandal, and-fortunately for all of us- will not let it go. Check out the reporting on “Mr. Cool” here.


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