Your Money’s No Good Here

And you thought the Roman Catholic Church might be a little strict, about who gets the top-level jobs as leaders of worship?

paulawhite.jpgToday’s Syracuse Post Standard lays out a real cultural curiosity: local radio broadcasters refusing to take the money of a female televangelist. She is Florida’s Paula White, who has virtually adopted “Pastor” as her first name. The directors of Mars Hill Network say she is not one, because the Bible clearly says women cannot hold that position.

Religion writer Renee Gadoua, who knows this territory inside out, gets quotes from other strict interpreters of Scripture (including the Syracuse pastor who happens to be Grace Jones’s daddy) to say the radio guys have it wrong. But they’re sticking by their decision not to sell White any air time to plug her appearance at the City Wide Crusade, a preaching and prayer event scheduled for the second weekend in June at the Oncenter.

Jarring contrast: This news comes as the female mayor of Ithaca- a place thought by some to represent the polar opposite of fundamentalist belief- declares her bid for re-election. So in one CNY city, we have a majority of people who’ve chosen a woman to lead a whole community, and in another, a minority of people who don’t believe a woman has the right to lead a religious congregation.

Just one more in an endless series of curiosities we have to write about- and to think about- as the cultural divide makes life interesting, to say the least, here in the early 21st century.


3 Responses to Your Money’s No Good Here

  1. Mrs Mecomber says:

    In New Testament times, it was not uncommon for women to have positions of leadership in the church. Look and you will find that women were deaconesses, prophetesses, and many held church services in their homes.

    The scriptures that are being thrown at these women preachers are the ones where Paul says he does not allow a woman to have authority over a man. However, this is strict ENGLISH translation (from 1611). The Greek word “woman” customarily meant “wife” and the Greek word “man” customarily meant “husband.” So, the Greek reading is “I do not allow a wife to teach nor usurp authority over the husband.”

    This makes sense, because “right order” in the home (or in a business, or in a school, or anywhere) is very important for proper function. You wouldn’t want the janitor telling the CEO how to run his company, would you? But if the janitor has some wisdom and advice, the CEO would benefit from listening.

    The scriptures boil down to authority, not sexist valuation.

    Think– in Jewish culture of old, the testimony of a woman was nothing– it didn’t count at all. Yet, it was women who first saw and testified that Jesus had risen. The women went to tell His disciples what they had seen, and the men did not believe the women. But later, when Jesus appeared to the men, He rebuked them for their unbelief. Obviously, the authoritative testimony of the women was true, and obviously, the Lord expected the men to believe the women.

    Today, these scriptures have been perverted– mostly because of the crappy English translation of the Bible. The King James Version (King James was a persecutor of Christians, by the way) was the English translation of a Latin translation of the German translation of the Latin translation of the Greek translation. To tote this version as the Version of Heaven Itself is just as silly as claiming the Pope is our Authoritative Voice of God on Earth.

    I do wish more folks would research these things for themselves rather than perpetuating endless arguments about doctrine that is purely man-made, and, in the end, meaningless. What Jesus really wants is for everyone to repent of their dead works and accept His work to be truly righteous.

  2. Mrs Mecomber says:

    P.S. For posting the above I guess you can call me a WOMAN PREACHER! ACK! Now I will be getting emails from “strict interpreters of Scripture.” LOL!

  3. Mrs Mecomber says:

    By the way, have you heard of the corny group who are building a new Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat because they fear another global flood?? LOL! I hate to break the news to them, but God said it would be with fire next time….

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