Stealth Celebrity Visits

It’s the nature of CNY, and of celebrities, that we often find out they’ve been here after the fact. That’s the word today about a Syracuse stop by Leonardo DiCaprio, whose girlfriend is here to shoot a low-budget movie with an Israeli director.


Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio quietly slipped into Syracuse for about 24 hours over the weekend to visit actress Bar Refa’eli…

DiCaprio did not visit the set of “Session,” the movie being filmed Sunday night inside bc Restaurant in Armory Square, according to John Craddock, the film’s producer.

DiCaprio and Refa’eli, who portrays a psychiatric patient, spent Saturday together and then watched an Ultimate Fighting Championship event on television, according to several people on the set. DiCaprio left Syracuse Sunday morning.

The Syracuse Post Standard

If you’re looking to spot celebrities, better head for someplace like New York City or, this time of year, maybe Martha’s Vineyard. In the past, singers and actors performing here have been sighted at the airport, on golf courses and in restaurants- but most have been the type who don’t put on dark glasses, wigs or fake mustaches to hide from their fans.

It appears that Leo wasted a huge opportunity. Saturday was a beautiful day. He could have been out biking in Onondaga Lake Park, getting a hot dog at Heid’s and rubbing shoulders with everyday people. Must have been that Ultimate Fighting show that kept him locked up in the hotel room.


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