Driscoll Duped By Video Maker

A major new entry in the “Who’s Dumber?” sweepstakes today: Is it Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll, or the former City Hall intern who asked him to appear in and endorse his hip-hop videos full of profanity, drug references, insults toward women, etc., etc., etc.

We’re not comfortable embedding a YouTube sample of James Williams “Constantly Under Surveillance Everywhere,” or C.U.S.E videos, but here’s a link to it, with a strong advance warning: If you want to hear the “n-word” dozens of times, along with a lot of profane language… well, the choice is yours.

mattdriscoll.jpgWilliams told the Post Standard that the videos, which he’s been selling for $10 a copy, show local people acting like the hip-hop stars they see on TV, and do not glorify a gang lifestyle. He says Police Chief Gary Miguel rejected his pitch for an endorsement, unlike the mayor. Driscoll and his cousin, apparently, are like kids on a playground who can be duped into doing or saying just about anything.

“Constantly Under Surveillance – check it out,” the mayor says, pointing at the DVD cover. To his right, Williams beams.

The camera then pans to Parks Commissioner Pat Driscoll.

“Constantly Under Surveillance Everyday – C.U.S.E.,” Pat Driscoll says, slightly altering the name of the video. “I’m James Williams’ good friend, that’s who I am,” he adds sheepishly.

Matt’s cousin Pat tells the paper he’s sorry he went on camera. Matt says he still believes James is basically a good guy. Who’s to doubt it? So in the end, “Who’s Dumber?” The Driscolls win in a walk.


One Response to Driscoll Duped By Video Maker

  1. Mrs Mecomber says:

    I think the people who elected Driscoll (and re-elect, and re-elect and re-elect) are the dumbest of all…

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