Again, It’s All About The Money

June 3, 2007

…the money people haven’t paid, haven’t spent; have- or have not- donated. Some days, the news of CNY just seems to have a built-in theme.

parkingticket.jpgThe Post Standard is out with the latest list of parking ticket scofflaws. Don’t you secretly want to see somebody you know- and probably don’t especially like- in the “Top 50” of people who don’t pay their parking tickets?

The list includes an assistant district attorney ($8,590), a lawyer who used to be a hearing examiner for parking ticket cases ($4,660), and the owner of the King David restaurants, who owes $8,565. That’s a lot of falafel sandwiches.

Lamest explanation of a big ticket tab in print today- coming from another lawyer, by the way- is that his girlfriend got most of the tickets while borrowing his car.

* * *

Congressman Jim Walsh gets his latest pat on the back from the PS for operating his office under budget- spending only about 76 percent of the tax money he’s legally allowed to dispense for staff, office supplies, and other trappings of high office. Does it just seem that Jim leads the paper’s Washington column every Sunday, with some nugget of positive p.r.?

* * *

And as more facts come out about the latest alleged terror plot- blowing up the fuel tanks and pipelines of JFK airport- we find out how much some of our top leaders and former leaders are donating to memorialize the victims of 9/11:

Michael Bloomberg: $15,000,000

Eliot Spitzer: $2,000,000

Jon Corzine: $2,000,000

Rudy Giuliani: $20,000 – 60,000

George Pataki $5,000 – 20,000

George, we know you’re not as rich as the mayor of NYC or the governors of New York and New Jersey, but you didn’t get any poorer during 12 years in office, did you? Well, as long as he wears his seat belt and pays his parking tickets, we probably shouldn’t complain.