Not Roasted Out But, In The End, Rained Out

June 4, 2007

It was a big weekend for festivals in CNY– the busiest so far in a long string of hot Saturdays and Sundays packed with things to do outdoors.

To name just a few, “Taste of Syracuse” served up a lot of food, fun, and entertainment downtown, with participating restaurants hoping to pull in some new customers, year-round, by offering their favorite dishes to festival-goers.

glasscraft.jpgNear Syracuse University, artists and crafters set up their tents to lure browsers in cars, on bikes and on foot, to the homes of artists who showed their work and hosted others from the area, all hoping to make some sales at one of the 18 stops on the Westcott Art Trail. Most did pretty well, and made some new friends before Sunday afternoon’s downpours made the crowds run for shelter, and then for home.

But could it match the cut loose, carnival atmosphere of the annual festival that kicks off the summer season in Ithaca? Probably not. If you’ve never seen a car wear a tutu, well, that’s just one of the sights offered up during the big parade and party in the city by Cayuga Lake. We give you the Volvo Ballet.