Suing and Whining

June 8, 2007

Yes, we live in a litigious society, and when we are offended in any way- or imagine we are- the first reaction of some of our fellow citizens is to file a lawsuit.

Case 1: The alleged mastermind of a plot to blow up pipelines and fuel tanks at Kennedy airport (assuming he and three others accused were remotely capable of carrying it out) has had a lawsuit pending against a small airline since 2003 for allegedly planting cocaine in his luggage:

“I was disarranged mentally,” (Russell) Defreitas said then. “I went into hiding for a year and developed mental problems.”

(A) four-year-old interview has been rebroadcast repeatedly this week in Guyana as people in the South American country puzzle over how their native son could have organized a plot with three other men to blow up JFK’s fuel lines.

Defreitas, who moved from Guyana about 30 years ago, worked as a cargo handler at JFK until he was laid off several years ago.

The Associated Press

Case 2: Nixon loyalist topples over and sues a college alumni club: Robert Bork, the only high-ranking Justice Department official who didn’t quit in protest when Richard Nixon gave Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox the heave-ho back in the 1970s, is suing the Yale Club of New York City for a million bucks. Cox, who is 80, fell when he climbed what he calls an unreasonable height to a speaker’s platform at the club.

Case 3: Anti-Borat Lawsuit for Make Benefit of Businessman Feeling Much Embarrassment: A New York City financial analyst identified by the New York Post as Jeffrey Lemerond is suing for unspecified damages over his appearance in Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat” movie. He is seen running down a street yelling “Go away!” as Cohen’s fake Kazakhstan journalist gives chase, trying to hug him.

20th Century Fox, the studio that released “Borat,” says it does not embrace Lemerond’s legal arguments.