Of Course He’s A Serious Candidate!

As the nation begins to get serious about choosing a new leader, a lot of us have a problem deciding which of the candidates to take seriously. That dilemma should sort itself out over the coming months, but fans of another hopeful with his eyes on another position of honor have no such ambivalence.

Okay, maybe the guy is a little one-dimensional and lives in the shadow of his girlfriend… wait, they tell me Raggedy Andy is Raggedy Ann’s brother. Okay, but shouldn’t “Raggedy” be their last name, if it’s the one they have in common? Just doesn’t have the same ring, I guess.

Anyway, the Associated Press tells us today there is an organized national campaign underway to induct Andy into the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester. Fans of the Raggedy duo were talking it up at a toy collectors’ convention out in Arcola, Illinois over the weekend. There are petition drives, and there is a plaintive, personal plea for nomination from Andy himself, on the Web site of the Raggedy Ann and Andy Museum. Who knew there is one?

Candidates have to learn to make reasoned, logical appeals to the voters. But of course, we hardly ever elect one who doesn’t also have some appeal to our emotions. Andy’s got that covered, and may even bring a tear to your eye when he says, “…they took my sister, Ann, and put her in the National Toy Hall of Fame. Now I’m really happy for her, it’s just, well… It’s just now I’m lonely! I don’t have anyone to go on adventures with, or even just to talk to.”

The sympathy vote just has to go to this forlorn but beloved rag doll with the simple-minded smile, Raggedy Andy.


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