Football Fashion Failure?

June 12, 2007

The SU Orange is a little bruised today, after saying it was mishandled by Sports Illustrated On Campus.

That’s a Web site that chronicles college athletics and tries to stir up some controversy, when it can, to draw traffic. Understandable, but according to the Syracuse Post Standard, the man who apparently got the last word in selecting Syracuse University’s football uniforms is a little wounded by SIOC’s decision to rate them as the fourth ugliest in the country. That would be athletic director Daryl Gross, not one to show false modesty about his brilliant ideas of gridiron chic:

“They look fabulous,” said Gross of the current uniforms. “They’re symmetrical. There’s congruence. The color schemes are well balanced. Greg (Robinson) loves the traditional feel to them. They’re the same thing Ernie Davis wore except Nike took the stripes up top and added orange. It’s all based on history. It’s very clean, traditional, non-futuristic.”

Gross said he’s “never heard one complaint” about the white uniforms. He has gotten complaints about the blues, though he added the feedback is “more good than bad.”

Syracuse Post Standard

Gross sounds as if he might still be smarting over the laughter that ensued when SU changed its basketball uniforms, putting the players in long, baggy shorts that look more than a little like ladies’ culottes. We covered the new “Systems of Dress” from Nike here at the Circus in March, and got reader comments raising the bar to new heights of ridicule.

As for football, check out SIOC’S rogue’s gallery of football fashion flops and see if you think the Orange outfits belong there.