Vote For New “Bullies” Team Name

You have to give the guy some credit for letting himself be “bullied” by public opinion-well, maybe. Rochester contractor Nicholas Fitts, who’s starting a new ABA basketball franchise in Syracuse, says he decided to abandon the name “Bullies” a couple of months ago, but has waited until now to let us know.

nobullies.gifSome of the anti-violence people and groups who protested the original name, according to the Syracuse Post Standard, may think the owner was a little more bull-headed than that, but they’re generally glad about the decision- however belated it may have been.

As of this writing, the Bullies Web site carries no mention of the search for a new name, and no way to vote on the choices Fitts is offering up to fans. They are:

  • Bullz (Fitts is a big Chicago fan)
  • Netz (he likes the letter “z”)
  • Sentinels (Where’d that come from?)
  • Snowballers (a team of chubby white guys?)
  • Avalanche (a force of nature- our favorite so far)
  • Write In your original team name

You can vote at participating Wendy’s restaurants and all CNY Wegmans food stores over the next few weeks; an announcement of the results is planned on July 12th. If you don’t patronize those businesses, send your choices to us here at the Circus by clicking on comment, or sending an e-mail to

We’ll be happy to fill the gap, at least until Nicholas Fitts and the ex-Bullies get around to updating their site.


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