Officials Blind To Eye In The Sky?

June 22, 2007

The Uticasux blog has a fascinating story to tell about an effort to market a law enforcement drone helicopter, invented right there in the Mohawk Valley. The problem is, the developer of what seems to be a practical, cost-saving tool for cops was unable to interest anyone in making his project a reality.

Those who rejected the idea include an organization supposedly dedicated to economic development, and the now-former House member who represented the Utica area for many years.

britishdronehelicopter.jpgWas this computer-controlled, unmanned chopper practical? Apparently, because British police have just launched a fleet of small drone helicopters, amid some controversy, that are being used to keep crime suspects under surveillance.

Was the Utica-based invention unfairly, or even systematically ignored? See what you think by reading the story here.