Officials Blind To Eye In The Sky?

The Uticasux blog has a fascinating story to tell about an effort to market a law enforcement drone helicopter, invented right there in the Mohawk Valley. The problem is, the developer of what seems to be a practical, cost-saving tool for cops was unable to interest anyone in making his project a reality.

Those who rejected the idea include an organization supposedly dedicated to economic development, and the now-former House member who represented the Utica area for many years.

britishdronehelicopter.jpgWas this computer-controlled, unmanned chopper practical? Apparently, because British police have just launched a fleet of small drone helicopters, amid some controversy, that are being used to keep crime suspects under surveillance.

Was the Utica-based invention unfairly, or even systematically ignored? See what you think by reading the story here.


5 Responses to Officials Blind To Eye In The Sky?

  1. rcx says:

    I dont’ get it. This guy is has an invention but, no company, no product. So our federal tax dollars should be used to start this guy’s business? When can I get my big fat government check to start a business? Sounds like a victory for the taxpayer instead.

  2. Prudent says:

    Rex, I don’t see how taxpayers have anything to do with it… except to gain! you sound like you’re one of the small-minded haters that drove the guy OUT of CNY.

    Who cares if he they had a company or money? Did Wilbur Wright have $$ at first? The story is about how people and groups that are supposed to spot these ideas let them (and therefore US) down.

    What is worse is that its clear that the thing has merit… and the losers out there lost out because he didn’t fit in with “their” [and Rexs?] crowd. As for Sherry Boehlert I totally believe this story. My sister knew him well but can’t stand him. He was all Sherry and No “THE PEOPLE”.

    Im glad they left. CNY NEEDED something like this but the mini-marshmallow brained people in CNY let it slip away. And people like Rex prove that there is an agenda against those people…. feeling left behind?

  3. rcx says:

    No agenda, no predjudice just economics 101: why does this guy’s invention merit my tax money as opposed to the 1000s of existing small business owners who are creating jobs in CNY now, who didn’t rely on the government to establish their businesses? There are other inventors in CNY should they all get government checks? It’s not government’s role to be the source of business capital. That place is called a bank. Looking for a government handout it’s going to create 1 job–this isn’t the USSR.

  4. Prudent says:

    I see:

    What I don’t see is where he/they were asking for a Government handout. The letter (if true, which I believe it appears to be) asks for any help or guidence. But I can see your point.

    As far as I have read elsewhere they got a contract and are hashing out details now. Eather way it just shows how small minded upstate Officialdon really is: Utica needed this, and the “Good ‘Ol Boy” network let us down.

    A factory that makes those would employ WHO KNOWS how many dozens? Hundreds someday?

    I’m sure if he/they had an Italian last name and was looking to start a 10 employee paving company, he wouldve had no problems. I think it serves Utica/Rome right to lose this and others, in a very public fashion so we all learn the story.

  5. rcx says:

    I think we can both agree: politicians should be the last place to go for starting a business. I’m sure if the guy were a big campaign contributor a government check would have been secured. Nothing nefarious, that’s just the nature of politics–if you don’t help your friends, you won’t be in politics very long. Which is why people must look to the private sector for economic growth. The real problem is that CNY inventors/business owners lack access to captial–there needs to be a greater effort at setting up private venture funds investing in local business. Other regions are doing this. Politicians could (theoretically) help at bringing together people in the community to invest in such a Fund. But it cannot be government led or even funded.

    It’s not entirely clear to me whether or not this thing works or would lead to any economic growth but I’m willing to stipulate that it does for argument’s sake, Plus looking at the original blog posts, it turns out that the guy hasn’t gotten any $$ from other places, just expressions of interest. That’s not saying much in the VC world. So while it is very unfortunate the guy got no traction from a politician that should not be the end of the story. There are other sources of business funding in the area. Small Business Centers–non-profits who help people set up sm. biz have lists of places one can go to get a biz loan or angel investor money. People need to get off the conspiracy theories and on to creating growth.

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