On Display: Lead Feet and Big Mouths

Would you fight a speeding ticket, or would you just keep your mouth shut and pay it?

Central New Yorkers who choose excuses and explanations over a guilty plea will become time-fillers on cable TV tonight at 8, when Court TV returns to traffic court in Ithaca for two back-to-back episodes of “Speeders”:

traffic-stop.jpgShow spokesman Susan Ievoli related highlights of the two previous episodes that featured Ithaca.
On the June 28 episode, a cosmetology student, pulled over for speeding to class, explains that she doesn’t have her license on her because it’s in a different purse that didn’t match her outfit, Ievoli said.

On the July 5 episode, a college student pulled over for speeding “goes on and on about his hatred for cops and how he tries to beat the broken system,” Ievoli said.

Tonight’s episode will be the third time Ithaca has been on the program, Ievoli said, and it will feature a young woman speeding to a first date, and a speeder who says that he “is rushing to a job site before the concrete dries.”

The Ithaca Journal

Excuses, excuses. At least in CNY, convicted speeders usually don’t have to empty their bank accounts. The New York Times tells us today of outrage in Virginia, where fines for speeding 20 miles per hour or more over the limit were recently raised to as much as $2,500, to pay for road construction. There’s so much anger, that the state legislature is thinking about repeal.

Whatever the fine structure, it seems like most of us feel the same way about speeding: As long as it’s somebody else who gets pulled over and has to pay the penalty, that’s just… well, fine.


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